Prevention of vehicle injury accidents in the hott

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Prevention of vehicle injury accidents in the factory

(1) vehicle drivers must be trained by a qualified training unit as long as they master the following 10 points and pass the examination before taking up their posts with certificates

(2) when people pass the intersection, they must look out first, and they can pass only when there is no danger

(3) do not walk on the dedicated railway line, let alone cart; It is forbidden to pass under the train

(4) regularly check whether the parts of various mechanisms of the vehicle meet the technical specifications and safety requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with faults

(5) when entering and leaving the factory gate, the speed of the car shall not exceed 5 kilometers per hour; When driving on the roads in the plant, the speed shall not exceed 20 kilometers per hour

(6) when loading and unloading goods, overload and superelevation are not allowed

(7) the vehicle carrying goods and the accompanying personnel shall sit in the designated safe position, and shall not stand on the door pedal, sit on the carriage board or sit in the cab and top it for more than half a year

(8) when the battery car enters the plant and loads inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances, it is strictly forbidden to take people in 7.1 inspection classification

(9) when the forklift is driving, whether unloaded or loaded, its shovel distance from the ground shall not be less than 300 mm, but not more than 50B The use of the fixture has an effective force of 0 mm

(10) no one is allowed to stand on the shovel or the goods of the shovel and drive with the vehicle, nor stand on the door of the shovel

(11) it is strictly prohibited for drivers to drive under the influence of alcohol, fatigue, non drivers and compete for roads

(12) when riding a bicycle in the factory, it is strictly forbidden to take people, double throw handlebars or speed too fast, and it is not allowed to compete with motor vehicles for speed; Riding bicycles is strictly prohibited in the plant

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