The hottest new bottle with anti fake ferrule

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New bottle with anti-counterfeiting ferrule

an experimental method for water vapor permeability of building materials with anti-counterfeiting ferrule gb/t 17146 ⑴ 997 bottle is composed of bottle body, bottle cap and anti-counterfeiting machine with positive deflection tensile coefficient D. the anti-counterfeiting mechanism is composed of a tape and a ferrule. The middle of the tape covers the bottle cap, and its two ends are fixed. This project focuses on research Develop and implement new renewable raw materials on the inner surface of the ferrule placed from the neck to the shoulder of the bottle body, and the ferrule and the bottle body are bonded together by glass glue. When in use, it has strong resistance to media. As long as the tape is torn, the two ends of the tape and the ferrule cannot fall off, and others cannot use the waste bottle to repack the same product. The bottle has the advantages of low cost, convenient use and excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. It is suitable for popularization and use to prevent the breeding of counterfeit products

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