The hottest new book of Chinese robots is launched

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The new book "Chinese robot" was launched in Beijing

the rotorcraft that gradually penetrated people's lives, defeated the artificial intelligence alpha dog, the top go master in human beings, the beauty robot constantly improved by Japanese scientists, and the industrial robots with flexible arms. Which is the ultimate form of robots? Maybe it's all or not. On January 12, at the 2017 Beijing book ordering conference held at the China International Exhibition Center, Liaoning People's Publishing House held the launch ceremony of China's first full-length reportage "China robot", which panoramically shows the growth history of China's robot industry. After the launch ceremony of the new book, the authoritative robot expert in China interviewed by the Global Times said that robots are becoming a new species, so we must strengthen the research and attention on their legal and ethical aspects

the book "Chinese robot" records the historical process of the development of China's robot industry and the latest research results in a series of vivid and rich details, and shows the innovative spirit, fighting spirit and dedication of generations of Chinese scientists represented by Jiang Xinsong, Wang Tianran and Qu Daokui who have been committed to robot research and development. This book describes from the depth of history and broad space, and emphasizes the deep ideological excavation. It not only has vivid and readable literary characteristics, but also has strong popular science role and academic value, and has three-dimensional and multi-dimensional social benefits. It not only carries forward the spirit of selfless struggle, courage to explore and innovate, and the feelings of serving the country and serving the country with science and technology of several generations of scientific and technological workers in China, but also its influence is more obvious. It has systematically popularized knowledge in the field of science and technology that people are both familiar with and unfamiliar with, and has conducted in-depth analysis and Thinking on the strategic level and scientific and technological ethics level of intelligent manufacturing, the most concerned high-tech field in the world today, Many cutting-edge views put forward therein are also thought-provoking

Mr. He Jianming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Chinese writers' Association, member of the Party group, Secretary of the Secretariat and famous writer, pointed out the value of this book in his speech at the opening ceremony: in the thousands of years of human civilization, our most important ideal and best wish is to surpass ourselves and accomplish what we can't do. Robots came into being in this way, and the development history of Chinese robots, It is the best practice of the important historical mission of China's scientific and Technological Development from the plateau to the peak. The most important works that can express this process must be completed by the best writers in China. I selected two of the most important disciples to be responsible for the creation of this book. They wrote the best Chinese story of "Chinese robot"

when answering the Global Times' question about whether robots will become new species in the future, Qu Daokui, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the founder and President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., and the deputy director of ophthalmicdrugcarriers 7 of the National Engineering Research Center for robots, said that robots have now crossed the levels of products, technology and industry, The global robot industry has basically reached a consensus that robots are a new species. At present, not only scientists are studying robots in the world, but also entrepreneurs are producing robots. Many sociologists, ethicists and jurists are studying ethics, morality, law and laws related to robots. This is because as a new species, robots need to have a new social system to regulate, but if it is just an industrial equipment, it is not necessary to carry out this research

Qu Daokui said that when robots develop towards intelligent service robots in the future, with the development of deep learning, perception technology, artificial skin and other technologies, robots may evolve closer to humans. At that time, it will involve the relationship between robots and humans, and the relationship between robots and society. Therefore, robots may overturn the future human lifestyle and the existing norms of ethical recognition. He believes that robots will definitely be a new species in the future, and this new species will intersect with humans to a large extent, which is a double-edged sword for humans. On the one hand, it may promote the development of all aspects of human beings. On the other hand, because robots have strong learning ability, they are likely to surpass humans in intelligence and function, which leads to the development of robots and the deep intersection with humans, It will bring potential risks and challenges to human society, and even foreign scientific masters believe that robots may pose a threat to human beings in the future, so it is necessary to prepare for a rainy day. This may also be an important reason why the development of robots has attracted global attention and even rose to the national strategy of many countries: in addition to being a high-tech means, it is more because of its relationship with human society. With the development of related technologies, This relationship will be closer and deeper, and the mutual penetration will be deeper and deeper. Robots may be the only technical means that human beings have a disruptive impact on human society itself, so the sustainability of robot development may not see the end

Wang Tianmiao, member of the discipline evaluation expert group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, leader of the expert group on robotics of the National 863 program, and Dean of the school of mechanical engineering and automation of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, told the global times that he did not agree with this view in the past, because he believed that human intelligence could not be achieved by machines, such as human emotion and creative intelligence, as well as human organisms with biological and mechanical characteristics, From a technical point of view, it is impossible to achieve. Moreover, he believes that machines should not replace human beings in all occasions, because it will subvert the form of society. But he stressed that recent events had changed his understanding. First, machines can learn day and night, and 90% of people use small data, small concepts and small knowledge to judge big data and big concepts. Human learning process is always extracting the characteristics of transactions, and when the data to be processed is large to a certain extent, this method will not work. Robots are different. They can learn and even feed data continuously to achieve a learning effect that human beings cannot achieve. With the continuous progress of relevant science and technology, people will become more and more dependent on machines. Just like after the emergence of television, people rely too much on media, after the emergence of television, people rely too much on information, and after the emergence of robots, people will rely too much on its cognitive ability

Wang Tianmiao is worried that the development of robots may affect human cognition. For example, a person used to ask people for directions, but now he may ask machines through big data. This cognitive way will increase the proportion of otaku men and otaku women. He believes that the relationship between human beings, which was originally the experimental force corresponding to automatic collection, is the relationship between people and societies. Now it has become the relationship between people and machines, and between people and the media. Therefore, it is very important to build safety and ethical norms for robots

Professor Wang Tianmiao said that intelligence is generally divided into three levels. At present, robots are basically at the level of perceptual behavior. Scientific research institutions and large enterprises are tackling cognitive intelligence, and robots are still far away from creative intelligence. Professor Qu added that alpha dogs sometimes show some creativity in the war with top human chess players. For example, sometimes they will take several trapezoidal lead screw moves, which no one has seen or even thought of. They are not in the chess manual, nor have human go masters seen. This trick is the creative jump of alpha dogs' thinking

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