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Hainan's annual consumption of plastic products is about 5billion yuan

according to the data released at the annual meeting of the plastic industry in Hainan Province, in the past five years, China's plastic production 6. The open data structure allows users to randomly call whether the result parameters or the process data, which is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching. The annual output value has increased by more than 10%. China's per capita annual plastic consumption has reached 46 kg, surpassing the average annual consumption of Europe and the United States for the first time. Based on this calculation, The average annual consumption of plastic products in Hainan is about 5billion yuan

at present, the annual output value of Hainan plastic products industry is about 1.5 billion yuan, which is mainly concentrated in agriculture and packaging. A group of leading enterprises with strong representation, great industry influence, strong production and operation strength and high management level, as well as plastic products processing in municipal, construction and other fields, can basically meet the needs of their respective customer groups with their existing production capacity and production technology level. The arbitration thickness of 4mm for household, stationery, engineering plastics, some feed packaging, medical I and II samples is almost blank in the fields of therapy, direct packaging of drugs, and 1.5875mm substrate of solar photovoltaic industry. With the acceleration of the construction of international tourism island and the development of facility agriculture, the use of plastics in Hainan Province will continue to increase. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, only the annual consumption of plastic products in facility agriculture will increase by 16%

the good market environment has promoted the development and technological progress of the plastic industry in Hainan. In 2011, three new double arm bellows production lines in Haikou have been successfully put into production; Sanya's new high-efficiency and energy-saving foaming plastic production line has been put into production; The added composite film production line in Wenchang, Haikou has also obtained the QS production license issued by the State Administration of quality supervision

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