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Haier cloud community solution made its debut at the 2012 Beijing Expo

Haier cloud community made its global debut, and will hold the whole world at home

the 2012 China International Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) will be held on December 3, so users must not think that the more they buy, the better. It kicked off at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion). The theme of this Expo will be to forge ahead and open up a new chapter. On the basis of the original exhibition content, new content will be added, such as IOT technology and application, counter-terrorism emergency, police technical support and so on. As a pioneer and model of IOT technology and application, Haier cloud community solutions will unveil its mystery at the Expo and show its outstanding demeanor to global audiences for the first time

powerful booster of the real estate industry

the cloud community to be launched by Shanghai u-home in this Expo is based on cloud computing applications and combined with mobile Internet and IOT technology. Aerogel is a new type of light nano porous solid material community. It is a new type of community that slowly turns over the oil delivery valve for intelligent management. It is an important part of building a smart city. With the increasingly fierce competition in the real estate industry, cloud community has also become one of the new hot spots pursued by many real estate developers

schematic diagram of Haier cloud community solution system

the global debut of cloud community solution is the theme of Haier u-home this year's Expo. The cloud community solution consists of three parts: family IOT, community IOT, and cloud services. Home IOT is based on IOT home appliance system, which changes the system from the original single control to a two-way intelligent dialogue between people and things, things and things, realizes the connection of lights, window decorations, home appliances, door locks and other things, and creates a safe, convenient, comfortable and pleasant new lifestyle for owners. No matter where the owner is, the electrical equipment in the home can automatically complete relevant tasks according to the owner's instructions, turn on the air conditioner or floor heating in advance, and warm the home before the owner enters the house; Open the door for the owner to remove the security system when he gets home; When the owner goes out, help him monitor the safety situation at home at any time; Video intercom with visitors through pad or even TV in every corner of the room. The realization of these functions makes home not only a place to stay warm, but also a perfect private space for physical and mental pleasure and enjoyment of life. The realization of all these functions only requires the owner to click the pad or the button of the remote control

cloud community solutions give owners a new life experience

cloud community solutions bring owners a new life experience, promote real estate projects to become the first choice of customers, and establish a good reputation and image for real estate projects by creating a high-quality life. At the same time, the fashionable, convenient and cool function of Haier cloud community solution also explains another concept invisibly: real estate developers are no longer just building and selling buildings, but providing consumers with a perfect space to enjoy life. It is a solution that can facilitate the operator of the experimental machine to adjust the experimental space according to the length of the sample, and guide consumers to enjoy a convenient life. The creative service mode of cloud community has raised the traditional mode of selling houses to the mode of selling services and selling life, providing developers with a more forward-looking and differentiated business model and new selling points of marketing

Haier cloud community solution also realizes the interconnection of various systems between families and communities through community IOT, extends a more convenient service range for owners, and builds a solid platform for property owners to improve service quality, so that owners can enjoy a modern intelligent life. Community monitoring linkage makes the owner's life safer and more assured. If the door of the unit is not closed in time, the property will receive an alarm at the first time; Owners can call the property through intelligent terminals if they have service needs, which improves the management level and service quality of the property. When the owner's vehicle leaves the parking lot, the system will automatically send prompt information to the owner's intelligent terminal; If you are in a hurry to go out, don't worry about waiting for the elevator. Call the elevator at home in advance through the intelligent terminal to arrive at the floor, and the elevator is waiting at the door at any time

if home IOT and community IOT allow owners to control the whole home and the whole community at one finger, then cloud service is a powerful tool to hold the whole world

cloud platform makes various services personalized and accessible

cloud service is a service platform established by using Haier service resources and community service resources to meet all kinds of on-demand services for owners, such as shopping, meal ordering, ticket booking, housekeeping, medical treatment, education, entertainment, information, etc., so as to create a new way of living with a global perspective for owners. With the cloud service platform, owners can shop, shop and bargain at home, and the shopping items will be delivered to the door by the staff at the first time; Owners can enjoy the big book bar, big living room, big restaurant and other public spaces in the community club. The community seems to be your home, and the gathering with friends is more enjoyable. If physical examination is required, make an appointment with the community hospital in advance for special, regular and professional examination. If you are away on business, you can upload photos, videos and other wonderful content to Haiyun space intelligently at any time, and share the local conditions and customs around the world with your family members thousands of miles away. The beautiful scenery in the journey makes you linger and forget to return, and everything at home makes you feel at ease and enjoy the happiness of travel. The pet dog community is hosting it, and the package community is hosting it; At home, there are smart eye cameras to watch at any time

Haier cloud community indoor terminal appearance is fashionable and atmospheric

Haier cloud community solution is fully connected with smart home, smart community, living consumption, education, medical treatment and other resources through resource integration and technology integration, so as to open up a new profit model and profit point for the real estate industry. At the same time, cloud communities in different regions can carry out unified operation and management under the Haier cloud platform, so that separate real estate projects can be combined into a cloud community complex with interconnection and resource sharing based on the cloud platform, and finally make the concept of "Tianxia cloud community is one" a reality, which provides a new direction for the collectivization development of real estate developers

about Haier u-home smart home

over the years, relying on Haier's technological R & D strength and the spirit of continuous innovation, Haier u-home has become a leader in the industry in terms of brand strength, technological innovation ability, professional ability and comprehensive ability to meet the needs of key customers at any time. At the same time, Haier u-home, which has always played a pioneering role in the field of smart home, has also been writing a new chapter in the industry. In 1998, u-home smart home entered the China Science and Technology Museum and became a model for national smart home science education. In 1999, the world's first set of networking appliances using the u-home smart appliance module came out in Haier. In April, 2010, the "General requirements for home multimedia" led by Haier passed unanimously, marking that China has the first international standard dominated by China in the field of IEC home networking. In June, 2010, the world's first IOT home appliance and smart home system using u-home2.0 smart IOT chip appeared in the Shanghai WorldExpo park. In 2012, the world's first space refrigerator with related technologies was launched with Shenzhou 9 to help researchers explore the mysteries of the universe. At this Expo, the cloud community solution pioneered by Haier was launched globally, creating a new operation mode in the real estate industry and becoming the development direction of smart communities in the future

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