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Hainan Agricultural Reclamation: Jinjiling branch has completed rubber planting by 51%

this year, Jinjiling branch has seized the favorable opportunity and taken effective measures to seriously do a good job in the planting of small and medium-sized rubber seedlings. These will cause errors in the test results. The cut-off control system software is WindowsXP operating system platform. At present, 611 mu of rubber has been planted, accounting for 51% of the annual planned task, and the seedling preservation rate is 100%

in order to complete the planting task on time, in quantity and in quality, the branch has achieved "three in place": first, the rubber renewal and felling supervision are in place. For the forest sections that have been planned to be cut, the branch will send personnel to supervise the cutting progress, and report the cutting situation to the branch during the period. If it is found that the cutting task is not completed on time, it will be reported to the superior product management department. Second, seedling selection is in place. The suppliers of small and medium-sized seedlings selected by the branch have been screened layer by layer, and they have personally visited the seedling base. Third, planting management is in place. For the small and medium-sized seedlings that have been planted and survived, the branch company organizes the personnel of the production team to cooperate with the security personnel to patrol and guard, so as to prevent the rubber seedlings from being stolen and destroyed by cattle and sheep. During the planting period, all technical regulations such as fertilization and watering shall be completed on time. At present, the small and medium-sized seedlings planted are growing well

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