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Haikou consumers complain that it is difficult to find the production date of food packaging bags

"where is the production date of this instant noodles?" During an interview in a supermarket in Haikou today, I saw an old man holding a bag of instant noodles and looking for the production date with wide eyes. When choosing food, I believe that many consumers, like this uncle, will pay special attention to the "production date"

food is related to people's health. Therefore, consumers pay special attention to the production date of food. Today's survey and interview found that at present, the marking position of the production date of some foods in Haikou market is chaotic, which often makes people confused

in a supermarket on Guomao Road, Haikou, it was found that the production date of an edible iodized salt was very difficult to find. According to the instructions, the production date should be marked on the seal of the packaging bag, but it was not found after looking for a long time. Finally, under the guidance of the shopping guide, several Arabic numerals were found at the seal. The jaw should be often cleaned, but these Arabic numerals were inverted and ambiguous

I learned from interviews in other places in Haikou that the statement of production date on some food packages in Haikou is very general: "see the printing code and the seal for the production date..." while some food production dates are marked in different positions, some dates are marked on the side of the bag, some are printed next to the commercial mark, some are sprayed on the back cover, and some are "hidden" at the overlap of the packaging seams... In short, it takes some time to find them

during the interview, it was also found that the color of some food production dates is mostly black, while the production date on some packaging bags is similar to the packaging background color, which makes it difficult for consumers to identify. The inconsistent expression of production date also puzzles consumers

then, how should the date of food production be marked as standard? On this issue, I interviewed relevant people

according to the relevant provisions of China's "Regulations on product identification and labeling" and "measures for the administration of food labeling", the manufacturer must print the "production date" in a prominent position on the appearance package, with the font no less than 5 in Song typeface, the order is "year/month/day", and the color is unified as black, but there is no regulation on where it should be marked

"some consumers have proposed to us that the production date on food packaging should be standardized. The questions raised by consumers are reasonable, but they need to be improved step by step." The person said so

in view of the confusion in the marking position of food production date, consumers suggest that food production enterprises should pay more attention to marking the production date, so that the "production date" of various foods can be concentrated next to the seal or bar code, or other prominent positions, so that consumers can more easily query when purchasing. The color of the spray code of the food production date should be in contrast to the color of the bag in which the package was turned on in 1999, making it easier for consumers to recognize that the amplifier can be automatically zeroed, automatically calibrated, and automatically shifted

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