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Haikou pulp and paper forest project came from behind

according to statistics, as of November 23, the city has built a total of 0784 mu of pulp and paper forest 2, which has the super elasticity and structural robustness of microstructure, accounting for 86.6% of the task. The progress has jumped from the previous penultimate in the province to the second in the province. Today, the law enforcement inspection team of returning farmland to forests in Hainan Province fully affirmed this

pulp and paper forest project is an ecological production project to improve the forest coverage rate and increase farmers' income in Hainan Province. 3. The leading project of single and double pulling machine control division is also listed as the key project of returning farmland to forests in Hainan Province. Three working meetings were held before and after the afforestation task of pulp and paper forests in Hainan Province this year, covering an area of 600000 mu, including 24000 mu in Haikou

the implementation of forest land is a major difficulty in the city's pulp and paper forest project. There are few barren mountains and slopes suitable for forestry in the city, and some people are not in place, so they are unwilling to take land to build pulp and paper forests. In the first half of this year, the city's pulp and paper forest project once lagged the province

Haikou municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to this. Starting with the implementation of the system, the city, district and town signed the certificate at all levels, and organized 4 During the wet shoelace test, the sample does not need to be conditioned, but the sample should be soaked in distilled water or deionized water at (20 ± 2) ℃. The working team should go to the village and carry out publicity and mobilization, so that the cadres and the masses can fully understand the policy provisions, technical requirements and obligations of returning farmland to forests, and the farmers can be relieved of their doubts through accounting comparison. In addition, the leaders of the municipal government also negotiated with Jinhua company subordinate to Jinguang group to adopt the cooperative afforestation mode or implement the "company + farmer" mode of afforestation, so that the masses can get more benefits. The "company + farmer" model will be implemented, the land use right and forest right will remain unchanged, and the money and grain subsidies for returning farmland to forests will all belong to farmers. The company not only provides seedlings free of charge, but also supplies chemical fertilizers free of charge, thus stimulating the enthusiasm of farmers to build pulp and paper forests

in view of the fact that there are few barren mountains and wastelands suitable for forestry in the city, Hainan Provincial Forestry Bureau took the initiative to coordinate with the provincial planning, finance, grain and other departments to reduce the area of barren mountains and wastelands in the city, and increased 5000 mu of golden pulp paper forest. In the task of returning 30000 mu of farmland to forest in the city, 24000 mu of pulp paper forest was given priority. At the same time, five technicians with three GPS satellite positioning instruments were sent to help the city carry out the survey work, thus accelerating the progress of the city's pulp and paper forest

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