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Hailunzhe technicians guide live water washing operations on site

hailunzhe technicians guide live water washing operations on site

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recently, in order to ensure the smooth progress of live water washing operations in Jinqian power supply station, Kaili City, Guizhou Province, we must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. The technical team of hailunzhe live water washing team went deep into the operation site for training and guidance, Timely understand the new problems and improvement suggestions encountered by customers in the use of water washing group

the two technicians of hailunzhe assisted the vehicle to wash the polymerization with high molecular weight with live water, and guided the customer to go to each county bureau to prepare pure water for the first time, and conducted on-site training at the same time. This operation includes Jinqian 6 Software upgrade: after the standard is updated (or the user adds this experimental method), the pure water production operation in three places of power supply substation, Shibing substation and Zhenyuan substation, and the live water flushing operation in two stations of Shibing substation and Zhenyuan substation respectively adopt the methods of double gun small water flushing operation, single gun small water flushing arc extinguishing, double gun grouping small water flushing operation, etc

after the completion of the operation, the operation method of the charged water washing group was highly praised by the customers. They clearly stated that the group had obvious advantages in the process of pure water preparation and water washing. It was suggested to switch randomly in Guizhou I. cardboard tensile testing machine in multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English province to vigorously promote

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