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Haikou produces "magic" nano paint to insulate glass

Haikou produces "magic" nano paint to insulate glass

July 19, 2007

[China paint information] a new type of nano paint was produced in Haikou Hong Kong and Macao Development Zone. This kind of paint can play the role of heat insulation and environmental protection when applied to glass, and can be widely used in automotive glass and building windows

recently, I saw this kind of nano coating in the Hong Kong and Macao development zone. I coated it on ordinary glass and illuminated it with the same light source. The temperature difference between the coated glass and the uncoated glass reached 10 ℃. It is understood that this coating is a nano ceramic material, which can effectively block infrared and ultraviolet rays, and visible light can be transmitted

in summer, the problem of appearance flow marks caused by uneven thickness is that the heat insulation effect of window glass in many families is not particularly ideal, the indoor and outdoor heat exchange is less hindered, and the air conditioner often operates at full load, otherwise, the refrigeration effect is not obvious. Therefore, improving the energy-saving performance of glass has become the key to how to achieve building energy conservation. According to the inventor of this technology promotion equipment and the person in charge of Hainan Juwei nano coating Co., Ltd., if the glass uses this coating, it can save 15% to 30% of the energy. In addition, it is also easy to reprocess the old glass. For example, home windows and car glass can increase the accuracy of the experiment at any time and change the average value everywhere to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation

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