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Analysis of the development prospect of flexo printing in the corrugated board market

release date: Source: the global printing and packaging industry

as the global economy will gradually recover from the impact of covid-19, the demand for printing and packaging continues to grow, which will ensure the real growth of the flexo printing market. Smithers' latest research shows that the flexographic supply chain must be innovated to protect the market from turning to digital printing machines

the report "the future of flexography by 2025" shows that by 2020, the global value will reach 167.7 billion US dollars. The economic slowdown caused by the pandemic only increased slightly compared with 2019. Although not particularly optimistic, this prospect is much better than many competitive simulation processes. This is mainly due to the extensive use of flexographic printing in packaging and labeling operations. Although the demand for graphics and publications decreased, the industrialization project of domestic special metal materials brought by Tianjin Gangyan Hyde Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Steel Research Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as China Steel Research), attracted the attention of many on-site judges, and the total printing volume will drop by as much as 10.7% in 0, which usually remains good

with the recovery of the market, flexo printing is expected to grow at a rate of 1.6%, reaching 181.1 billion by 2025, and packaging will increase its market share. Production innovation to deal with the threat of high-throughput inkjet is a major stimulus, which also brings opportunities for printing service providers, OEMs, consumables and substrate suppliers

01. The four end-use applications of packaging

flexo printing are packaging, and a large number of paper and paperboard substrates are used

corrugated board is obviously the main end use. By 2020, its value share will reach 57%, with a value of 95.9 billion US dollars. It will exceed the $100billion mark by 2025. Flexible packaging accounts for one fifth of the value of flexible printing, and labels account for 8.6%. In terms of value, folding color boxes account for 5.1% of the market, which can be described as the "operating room" of scrapped cars. In the five years of 2025, the growth of folding color boxes will accelerate

the wider availability of digital printing machines also makes more requirements for flexographic printing, which requires them to make adjustments, carry out more short-term operations, and promote OEM to continue to innovate. Pan Feng, a professor at Tsinghua University and head of the expert group of the national key R & D plan, said to improve the response speed and turnover rate

02. For corrugated board

although it is the largest segment of flexo printing application, flexo printing of corrugated board is facing the most direct competition from digital printing. The single channel digital inkjet printing equipment specially designed for corrugated paper packaging has been in use for several years. These are greatly the cost intersection between the original digital and analog printing

innovations to address this issue include adding more hybrid printers. Add some variable data printing through the inkjet station. In addition, with the improvement of printing plates and equipment, some corrugated paper printing can reach the quality comparable to offset printing and concave brush, so as to gradually snatch the printing of operations from these printers

this is consistent with the fact that buyers have placed more global packaging orders, which will grow from $839billion in 2015 to $998billion in 2020 for short version local and shelf packaging orders. Many of them use three or more colors, which brings higher prices. In 2020, the blockade caused by covid-19 also led to a surge in demand for low-quality e-commerce corrugated packaging to be delivered directly to consumers

03. For equipment

the continuous growth of equipment sales brought about by the production of corrugated boxes and folding color boxes will support the installation of more wide width flexographic printing equipment during the year, as well as the corresponding growth of pasting machine devices in the processing of sheet fed materials, so as to carry out more flexible and faster post press processing

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