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An analysis of the prospects for the development of the global paper market

the analysis of the prospects of the current global paper market must consider many potential uncertain factors, such as the war in Iraq, the global epidemic of SARS, the rainy weather in the southern United States and the surge in domestic paper production capacity in China. These factors are impacting the global paper trade. Many economists in the world try to analyze these factors in order to avoid their adverse effects

it is estimated that after the Iraq war, the oil price will drop sharply and the decline of the global pulp market will be recovered. The post-war reconstruction of Iraq will not only play a positive role in the global economy, but also accelerate the economic construction of countries around the world and improve the confidence index of consumers, which will play a positive role in the overall global economic trend

the impact of SARS on the trend of the global economic outlook is unknown, but it will certainly have a certain impact. Of course, at present, it is predicted from the macro that the impact of this epidemic will not be greater, but we have to continue to monitor it

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the impact of rainy weather in the southern United States is an easier problem to solve than the first two. According to historical data, the rainy season is coming to an end by the end of the month, and pulping wood can be harvested from next month. In this way, the supply of pulp in the market will increase, and it is estimated that the price will also go down

to 1. Jinan assaying universal machine products have been described as the impact and threat to the global paper market caused by the sharp growth of China's domestic paper production capacity for many years, but China's domestic demand for paper and paperboard is growing rapidly, which shows that the expansion of its production capacity is reasonable and normal. The problem is that China needs a lot of fiber raw materials to expand its paper production capacity, and its fiber raw materials must be imported, which has a huge impact on the global fiber market, especially in the waste paper market. Chinese users bought a lot of waste paper in the previous two months, causing prices to rise. It is expected that the price of waste paper will jump in the next two years, because when the trend of the global paper market improves, other countries will also increase production and purchase a large number of fiber raw materials, resulting in tight market supply and rising prices, which will also drive up the price of paper. From the overall situation, it is a good opportunity for commodity prices to jump

insiders predict that the global economic growth will accelerate in the second half of this year, so its advantages can be better reflected in the laboratories that continuously do impact experiments and the metallurgy, machinery manufacturing plants and other departments that do a large number of impact experiments, reaching the best state since 2000. With the improvement of the economic trend, the demand for anodes made of composite materials such as paper and paperboard will be positive, and the inventory in the hands of users will also increase. Although China and European countries are investing in expanding production capacity, the growth of global paper and paperboard production capacity will be offset by the low inventory in the North American market

in this way, when the demand increases, the market will turn into a tense state. It is expected that the production and operation rate of paper and paperboard will return to the high state in 2000 by 2004. It is expected that the price of paper and paperboard will rise at a steady pace from the second half of this year. At the beginning, the price rise was driven by the price rise of fiber raw materials, including pulp and waste paper. In the first three months of this year, the paper industry complained about the rise in the price of fiber raw materials. This is because the investment in the new production capacity of the paper industry in recent years is greater than the investment in the pulp industry. By next year, the paper market will enter a tense state, which will promote the rise in the price of paper and paperboard, and it is estimated that there will be a double-digit rise

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