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Haikou: plastic bag pollution threatens the environment

if each plastic bag covers an area of 0.1 square meters, as long as 58 days, the plastic bags discarded by Haikou citizens can pave Haikou with a total area of 2305 square kilometers into a "white ocean"! According to a relevant person from the white pollution control office of Haikou Environmental Protection Bureau, Haikou citizens consume about 400000 plastic bags per day on average, and the resulting secondary pollution puts great pressure on the environment

in the Mingzhu store of wanfulong supermarket, which is very popular in Haikou, a customer bought something for less than 100 yuan, but put it in seven plastic bags, large and small. Such scenes are not uncommon. It was learned in the supermarket that the staff basically packed the daily necessities and food purchased by customers by categories. If customers ask for more plastic bags, they usually won't refuse. There is only one cash register, and 50 plastic bags in a bundle will be used up in less than half an hour

yanliqiang, head of the office of white pollution control of Haikou Environmental Protection Bureau, introduced that the experimental machine uses manual conditioning oil circuit to pressurize or unload and control the valve opening. The former requires the use of coarse abrasives. In Haikou residents' lives, shopping consumes the most plastic bags. Most citizens hold the mentality of "don't take it for nothing". After taking the purchased goods home, plastic bags are only used as garbage bags, and the recycling rate is extremely low. Among these discarded plastic bags, non degradable plastic bags are difficult to decompose for decades after being buried. When they are mixed in the soil, they will change the function and characteristics of the soil, affect crop production, and when swallowed by animals, they will cause animal death and deep-seated environmental problems

in this regard, Haikou environmental protection department has repeatedly advocated citizens to "re mention vegetable baskets" and "use paper packaging bags". The anti Malay side fully supports and is willing to seize the opportunity to avoid excessive packaging and multiple packaging

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