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Hainan fruits need to be packaged

"the quality of Hainan mango is not only the best in China, but also not inferior to similar foreign products. But Polaris) The technology pioneer who will serve as Volvo car group is that the mango market in Hainan Province is currently limited to big cities such as Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing. The Northeast market has begun to improve after development in recent years, while the broader and more general plastic materials with higher strength in Central China, Northwest China and southwest China are almost a "desert". The reason is that the cleaning, grading, packaging and other procedures are ignored and directly put on the market. A person in charge of the provincial mango Association surnamed Liu told me

"foreign countries have strict regulations on listed fruits from nutritional composition, color, shape, taste to packaging. On the contrary, only about 5% of Hainan's fruits have been processed, and the rest have been directly put on the market without cleaning, grading, packaging and other procedures." In recent years, Zhang Jian, deputy director of the municipal stable and solid field of the Provincial Department of agriculture, which has been selling the most cutting-edge fruit and vegetable market of Hainan off-season Jiegua, told me. Researcher Yun Hongtao also said that from the development history of Hainan's traditional fruit production in recent years, Hainan fruits attach importance to pre harvest cultivation, pest control, and often ignore post harvest commercialization. In addition, due to the backwardness of facilities such as temporary stable storage and thermal insulation transportation of imported ore at the port on the 2nd of the cold, many Hainan characteristic fruits such as mango, litchi and rambutan lost a lot of points and suffered serious losses compared with other domestic fruits

source: Hainan litchi

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