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In recent years, the technology of transmitting printing information through page browser is gradually developing, but it is difficult to become a whole concept The web to print solution generally puts forward suitable material processing technology and mold design scheme at the same time, which can meet various requirements of customers

if there is no web printing, the implementation process of this technology will be tedious People who are proficient in IT technology, even programmers, may participate in the development process of this field Now it is time to develop an evaluation system with high speed and high return on investment, which is very necessary for printers

mark parent, President of sugar Bush media solutions, said: don't lose this service for printing, because the profit of printing is too small One day, we will lose our typewriters, and we will no longer need to typeset first and print step by step The online printing service can be paid monthly. 5. Security and specialization fees In short, do not lose this service

Roy Grossman, President and CEO of Clifton, pointed out that for larger customers, it is still not a simple process to complete a customized, multi-layer web printing solution It will take at least four months to a year for a company without ready-made solutions to propose to customers and create a practical station

grossman said: without this solution, it is very difficult to quickly realize the online printing, and the upfront cost is very large And you must provide a partner for the customer You can't complete all the processes by yourself; You need to spend at least $100000 on this project

expand business scope

grossman pointed out that a larger bank of America may have 6000 branches that need network channels, which will bring greater printing demand In the construction period of a solution, most people who carry it on are people in the IT industry For such an investment with continuous growth of funds and resources, customers and printers will inevitably be linked by the final product, which reduces the possibility of profit loss

Ryan Farris, general manager of consolidated graphics, said: you can write encyclopedias in many aspects involved in web printing Our company can provide customers with management methods, development ideas and effective databases through media, including printing, e-mail and personalized pages that are used continuously The order system allows customers to choose the materials they need and print what they pass immediately, thus reducing the time of market circulation

other services including dam (Digital Asset Management) can provide customers with a resource center to help them organize and protect files At the same time, customers can also provide a worldwide fast track when using the page browser (if necessary)

how applicable is this system? Stability and information function are the most basic and popular features of this technology

web printing solutions can even bring unexpected benefits to third-party solution providers These suppliers often do not have their own digital printing press, offset press or other equipment Willie Brennan is an old Shandong innovation group of custom print now solutions. The company establishes a general end application to customize web printing solutions according to customers' needs, including inventory, packaging, direct or indirect delivery, market incentives and other solutions

Brennan said: the whole user interface is customized for specific customers, which makes it very convenient for each customer to use He also suggested that people should ensure the simplicity of operation as much as possible

parent emphasizes that it is very important to ensure that the networked customer interface can cover all production links He loves all inclusive systems, including file upload, preliminary preparation, proofing, contract signing, automatic cost calculation, quotation, valuation, merchandising and variable digital library Parent believes that the existing solutions can support many kinds of printing processes

in the late 1990s, consolidated graphics began its customer order business Its first attempt at web printing began with a printing company in Wichita Cgxsolutions, as an independent entity, is derived from that branch Now, it has its own office, its own programmers and developers Headquartered in Houston, cgxsolutions has a large number of developers, perfect customer service, technical support and sales team Now, it also serves all cgx branches and their customers

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