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Haikou will use paint to transform some building facades

Haikou will use paint to transform some building facades, which should be marked at the beginning according to the performance of special tires

on May 23, 2005

the road has been repaired and beautified, and if the buildings on both sides are still dilapidated and lifeless, they will certainly look more disharmonious, and the image of the city will be greatly reduced, Therefore, the relevant parties in Haikou have designed the scheme of how to transform the building facade of Longkun South Road in the next step. At present, the transformation plan has entered the review stage, and the next operation remains to be determined

the facade shape of the existing buildings is inconsistent

it is understood that the size of the pressure plate is also customized according to the pipe size. There are more than 100 buildings on both sides of Longkun South Road, with the number of floors mainly being multi-storey buildings and high-rise buildings, and a small number of low-rise temporary buildings. From the perspective of the nature of buildings, the north side of the intersection of Nanhai Avenue is mostly mixed with commercial and residential buildings or mixed with commercial and office buildings, while the south side is some units Schools and a small number of commercial and entertainment buildings

it is reported that at present, most of these architectural shapes are of modern style, flat roof form, and the exterior wall finishes are mostly made of ceramic tiles and mosaics, which leads to the monotonous and mediocre appearance of most buildings, the lack of integrity in color and form, and the disharmony of the street landscape. Not only that, there are also some behaviors of random construction on both sides of the road, and some narrow and dilapidated temporary pavements are also extremely unsightly

at the same time, many air-conditioning outdoor units, shop signs, advertisements, etc. on the buildings in this road section are casually hung on the street facade, while some unfinished "uncompleted residential buildings" cause a sense of chaos in the street landscape

citizens suggest dismantling temporary buildings

some citizens suggest that some temporary small pavements in a row in longkunnan should be demolished after the reconstruction of the road is completed, and the new street facing pavements should be unified in style, making people feel refreshing here. And can those outdoor air-conditioning units that were originally hung on the facade of buildings such as shipbuilding, architecture, large-diameter welding and boiler be changed to the back of the building, or can they be decorated with iron modeling frames, flowers and plants and other components, so as to enrich the facade effect today

relevant people also proposed that the current facade buildings along the street in Longkun South can be treated in four ways: retention, retention and renewal, retention and transformation, and demolition. For the reconstruction of buildings with ceramic tiles and mosaic exterior wall finishes, we can treat them differently according to the specific situation. The exterior walls of multi-storey buildings should be changed into coatings, and the color matching should be carefully considered. Some ceramic tile exterior wall finishes have acceptable effects, which can be retained and cleaned. The parts of the buildings that are erected disorderly shall be demolished or rebuilt after proper construction application procedures

for half pull buildings, try every means to resume construction as soon as possible, and strictly control the external decoration of the building to make it coordinate with the surrounding architectural forms and colors

buildings are dominated by warm colors

it is understood that in the relevant planning of facade reconstruction, it is proposed that the buildings on both sides of Longkun south road can use high brightness colors (i.e. warm colors) as the main tone, and match some low brightness colors to enrich the building facade, and try to use bright and bright colors in a small area. Buildings in commercial areas can be mainly in warm colors. The windows of the buildings on both sides should not use colored glass, but should use colorless transparent glass to reflect the high-grade urban landscape and relaxed leisure atmosphere. The exterior decoration of the main building should be mainly paint and stone

the plan also proposes that physical fences should not be set along the street. When fences must be set, hedges or beautifully designed railings, fences and other forms that are transparent from the bottom can be used. The existing fences along the street should be demolished or reconstructed

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