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To prevent tower fall and line break accidents

in order to prevent tower fall and line break accidents, the design code for 110kV ~ 500kV overhead power transmission lines (DL/t5092-1999) and the operation code for overhead power transmission lines (DJ/t7413-2001) should be strictly implemented, and its technical research team should combine other relevant regulations with reality, and put forward the following key requirements:

1 special terrain should be fully considered in the design Under the influence of meteorological conditions (try to avoid special areas that may cause serious icing of conductors and ground wires or galloping of conductors), reasonably select the type and strength of poles (towers). For towers in sections with complex terrain, bad meteorological conditions and difficult traffic, the strength of towers should be appropriately increased. In principle, guyed towers should not be used for 500kV lines

2 double suspension string insulator structure with independent suspension points shall be adopted for important crossings, such as railways, highways, navigable rivers and densely populated areas

2. The pendulum is not vertical: only hang a-mound

3. Measures should be taken in the design to prevent the wire from breaking, and there should be clear requirements for the wire and stay wire fittings

4 reliable flood control measures should be taken for towers that may be scoured by floods and rainstorms; The foundation retaining wall of the tower with high and low leg structure shall have sufficient strength and good drainage measures

5 the fastening of tower bolts shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specified cycle, and shall be clear and recorded. After the new line is put into operation, the bolts of the iron tower shall be tightened once the next year

6 in order to prevent the occurrence of wind deflection accidents, the phase jumper string in the dry type tension tower must be configured as double hanging points

7 the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design, and the concealed works can be buried only after the quality acceptance of the supervision unit, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to erect towers and pay off

8 reducing the grounding resistance of the tower is an effective measure to improve the lightning resistance level of the line. The grounding device must be constructed according to the approved construction drawings. Any change must be approved by the design, supervision and operation units before it can be changed and recorded

9 in areas where line poles and towers in urban areas may cause accidental line collision, warning signs of height limit should be hung

10 actively carry out the use of infrared temperature measurement technology to monitor the heating of wiring fittings (pressurized nozzles, clamps, etc.). If it is found that the conductor and ground wire have broken strands, it should be eliminated in time, and special attention should be paid to the broken strands in the outer layer of the ground wire composite optical cable (0pcw)

11 we should actively obtain the support of local governments and public security departments, strictly implement the regulations on the protection of power facilities, give full play to the role of the Security Department of power enterprises, rely on the masses to do a good job in wire protection, and severely crack down on the criminal activities of stealing line equipment

12 anti accident measures for tower falling and line breaking accidents should be formulated and implemented in terms of materials and personnel, and a certain number of accident repair towers should be centrally stored

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