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The largest paint base in the West laid the foundation

the largest paint base in the West laid the foundation on January 24, 2005

Chongqing Zhiheng industry paint production base with an annual output of 30000 tons, the largest automobile and motorcycle paint production project in the West, laid the foundation in Jiangjin. It is said that after the project is put into operation in November this year, the annual sales revenue will reach 500million yuan

supporting automobile and motorcycle giants

Chongqing Zhiheng is a coating production enterprise jointly established by Chongqing, Guangdong and Hong Kong. Chongqing Daqiao Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with the technical background of Japan Daqiao Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., accounts for 50%, and Hong Kong Zhiheng international and Zhongshan Daqiao chemical industry account for 25% respectively

it is reported that as the controlling party of Chongqing Zhiheng, Chongqing Daqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. generally speaking, since it was put into operation in 1995, the output of automobile and motorcycle coatings last year has reached 3000 tons, and the sales revenue has exceeded 100million yuan. Chongqing Daqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. accounted for 1/4 of Chongqing's 400million yuan share of automobile and motorcycle coatings last year. Chongqing Daqiao chemical industry has therefore become one of the largest middle and high-end automobile and motorcycle finish manufacturers in Southwest China, mainly supporting enterprises such as Chang'an, Qingling, Jialing, Jianshe, Zongshen, Longxin, etc

this time, Chongqing Bridge chemical, Hong Kong zhihengguo and can measure the friction coefficient of various materials, and Zhongshan Bridge Chemical Co invested 100million yuan to build Chongqing Zhiheng industry. The annual coating capacity in Jiangjin Degan Industrial Park will reach 30000 tons, which is 10 times that of Chongqing Bridge chemical. It is reported that in the new project of Chongqing Zhiheng, the annual production capacity of automotive and motorcycle coatings is about 15000 tons, and that of household appliances and construction coatings is about 15000 tons. The electromechanical adopted by electronic universal has changed from DC servo electromechanical in the early stage to more exchange servo electromechanical now.

Chongqing automobile and motorcycle has great potential.

last year, Chongqing's automobile output reached 437100, and the growth rate will be stable at 10%-15% for a period of time. The motorcycle output last year still ranked first in the country

Chongqing Daqiao chemical said yesterday that at present, although all the world's famous coating enterprises have invested and built factories in China, global coating giants such as automobile, motorcycle and household appliances have not deployed in the southwest market except that Kansai coating of Japan has factories in Chongqing. Chongqing Daqiao chemical will expand its production in Chongqing before other enterprises enter the southwest market, and will further occupy the southwest and play an exemplary role in utilization, including some automobile and motorcycle coating markets in Central China

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