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Foshan Youwei glass material Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, Guangdong, an important town of glass machinery, and its parent company is located in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Youwei glass material Co., Ltd.). We specialize in providing a full set of production technology solutions for laminated glass. Our main products are glass laminated furnaces and laminated process materials

the company's glue furnace is widely used in: Toughened glue factory, glass deep processing factory, mosaic glass glue factory, furniture glass supporting factory, door and window glass factory, photovoltaic and other glass industries that should be coated with anti rust oil on the surface. We provide free technical support, welcome to inquire

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in the seven years of engaging in the glass lamination industry, we have been seriously summarizing and absorbing all kinds of reasonable technologies, and learning from peers and glass manufacturers with an open mind. It is very important to take every problem encountered. Du Jizhou, deputy general manager of the science and technology management department, hopes that all parties will continue to open up and cooperate together as a new opportunity to challenge and solve every problem encountered without flinching back, At the same time, seriously consider how to do better than the original solution. Here. We make a negative commitment: you can safely hand over the products to us, technology, production and after-sales to us

the product is good, we are not satisfied, we want to do better, and we hope to advance hand in hand with our peers. Every suggestion or criticism you make is a valuable asset to us

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