Foshan Weili has successfully developed a simple a

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Foshan Weili successfully developed a simple automatic bottle blowing machine

hoping to make the enterprise grow rapidly with the help of the force of the incubator. The puller processing enterprise required when the plastic heat sealing sample breaks under the action of tension. The tire processing enterprise carries out the rotation experiment on the inner side of the drum. The industry is generally facing the difficulty of recruiting skilled workers, but the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher. This forces enterprises to seek a simple bottle blowing machine that is not only economical and affordable, but also can achieve the purpose of automatic bottle blowing. In order to change this situation and meet the market demand, Guangdong Foshan Weili company has recently developed a simple automaton (also known as a combination machine). Based on the traditional semi-automatic blowing machine, the machine combines heating and bottle blowing into one, shortening the process to only two links: embryo release and finished product removal, and eliminating the manual placement of molds in the middle. Compared with the original bottle blowing machine, the efficiency of this machine is nearly doubled

this simple bottle blowing machine adopts Siemens PLC control system, which is easier to operate and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and the technical requirements for operators. It is very suitable for blowing pet cosmetic bottles, water bottles, oil bottles, PP and PC bottles. According to the needs of different customers, the machine can be equipped with automatic embryo loading and bottle taking devices to meet the real requirements of full automation

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