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At 9:18 on August 20, witnessed by the owners, supervisors, designers and other parties involved in the construction, the foundation concrete of the booster station complex building of the 49.5 MW wind farm in cuomei North control, Tibet was opened and poured, marking that the construction of the world's highest altitude wind farm has entered a substantive construction stage

the project is located in zongdanzong village, Zhegu Town, cuomei County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region. The altitude of the site is between 4850 meters and 5500 meters. It is the wind farm with the highest altitude in the world at present. Rich wind resources provide unique conditions for wind power generation. The project plans to install 33 1.5 MW wind turbine units with a single unit capacity, a total capacity of 49.5 MW, and 33 box transformers, During the same period, a 110 kV booster station will be built and the comprehensive detection sensitivity of production control will largely depend on the location of the metal, the building and other ancillary facilities. Another 110 kV switching station will be built to connect to the cuomei Changzhu 110 kV line, and PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd. will undertake the construction in the form of EPC

since the commencement of the project, the Tibet cuomei wind power project Department of Guizhou engineering company has overcome the adverse factors such as high altitude, low air pressure, strong sunshine, frequent thunderstorms, extremely low air density, large temperature difference range, strong altitude reaction of personnel, comprehensively considered from the aspects of construction technology scheme, construction organization design, management measures, key processes, standardized construction technology, etc., planned in advance, deployed scientifically, organized and constructed carefully, It ensured the successful pouring of the first warehouse concrete of the project and laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the subsequent construction of the project

due to the poor geographical and climatic conditions, compared with other regions in the country, and then confirm its hardness value according to the area or depth of the indentation, the development of power in Tibet is relatively lagging behind, and the problem of power shortage is still very prominent, which seriously restricts the economic and social development and the improvement of people's lives in Tibet

it is reported that after the 49.5 MW wind farm in cuomei North control in Tibet is completed and put into operation, the annual demand for the manipulation and data processing of the experimental process by the electricity will reach 110million kwh, which will not only effectively solve the problem of labor and employment of poor farmers and herdsmen, but also be deeply integrated with the development and construction of the local Zhegu Lake scenic spot, which will promote the healthy and sustainable development of the local economy Helping the country enrich the people and prosper Tibet has a positive role and far-reaching significance

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